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Welcome to LoveworldSMS where we deliver exceptional bulk sms services

We are a rapidly growing high technology corporation, specialized in Mobile messaging services and Mobile applications all over the world. Register and get 3 free sms units to test our sms delivery service.

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Here is our competitive pricing, all prices are in Nigerian Naira

              Quantity                                                             Prices (N)                            
           below 1,000                                                         0.95/unit

             1,001 -4,999                                                        0.94/unit

              4,000- 9,999                                                      0.92/unit

               10,000 -99,000                                               0.90/unit

               100,000-499,000                                         0.87/unit

To Purchase units, Please Make Payments into any of our bank accounts using your username as depositor's name



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ODEGBILE ADEDAYO                                     




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